Friday, February 1, 2013

A bit of peplum

What a gorgeous day here in Phoenix! After some more freak weather - rainy for four days, it's back up in the 70s.  Luckily I have Friday off, so I met up with some girlfriends for lunch and ended up walking around campus a bit just enjoying the sun. 

This peplum top was actually purchased at the Lulu*s Style Studio last semester, and I haven't worn it since! It's definitely out of my comfort zone since my style revolves around very casual and comfortable pieces.  This peplum top is definitely more structured and dressy than I'm used to! I'm really happy it's a casual t-shirt material though, since it allowed me to dress it down.  I just bought these "Sexy Boyfriend" jeans on sale from Gap, and figured they were the perfect way to dress down this top.  It worked out well! Plus, these are my first boyfriend jeans and I'm very happy with them! So relaxed and comfortable.

These rings have become my OBSESSION.  I bought just the blue and green ones a few weeks ago at Madewell, and I loved them so much I went back and bought all the other colors! I scored them on sale with an extra 40% off so I think it ended up being about $2 a ring.  Talk about a deal!

One of my favorite pairs of Minnetonkas!

Candid shot!

Well, back to attempting to finish some school work over the weekend! Senior year is very different from what I'm used to, so I'm trying to stay on top of things.  Let's hope for the best!

Outfit details: top - Lulu*s; jeans - Gap; belt - Nordstrom BP; rings - Madewell; shoes - Minnetonka (via Saks Off 5th); necklace and bracelet - vintage

Friday, January 18, 2013


Here's some pics of an outfit I wore a few days ago! They've been sitting on my camera all week, and I've finally been able to sit down and post them.

When I took these pictures, Phoenix was having a MAJOR cold spell.  It was barely in the 40s for the high, and the low was in the 20s! Yikes! All day was pretty chilly, especially in the morning.  It didn't get out of the 20s until mid morning. But it was definitely perfect winter weather!

So the cold weather was why I was so bundled up that day.  I whipped out one of my warmest sweaters, but I should have brought out my gloves - my fingers were freezing!

The reason this post is called "Hulk" is because of the colors of my sweater.  Get it? Purple and green? Don't judge my nerdiness! This is the girl who had an Avengers party after the movie who came out on DVD, so I love me some superheroes. Plus, the sweater is comfortable and extremely warm.  Perfect!

It was really nice to actually dress in winter clothes, but I think I'm over my desire to move somewhere much colder than here.  I think I'll settle for a temperate climate.  Maybe...San Diego? Or I'll just travel to colder places, and visit my relatives who live in colder spots!

Thanks to my awesome roommate for taking these pictures for me, even though she was freezing! :)

Outfit details: jacket - Urban Outfitters; sweater - Gap; jeans - Hudson; boots - Seychelles; scarf - Pashmina; (not shown) long sleeved shirt - Banana Republic

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It's been really weird going back to school after only a few weeks after finals from last semester ended. But, I am officially a senior! When I introduce myself as a senior, I just can't believe it.  It feels so...old. It also feels like "real life" is going to happen way too soon.  Although, I am officially a combination undergrad and grad student, so one of my classes will count as both.  It will cut down on the time I spend as a Master's student, as well as the money I will spend on that degree as well.  Yay! I've been contemplating a bunch of different ideas as to what I want to do after graduation.  It looks like I will be a grad student, but I'm not exactly sure about what I want to study.  I have some ideas, but I'm not ready to settle on one just yet.  Recently I've been thinking I'll want to pursue my PhD and just become a professor.  How would it be to be called Dr. Elizabeth?!

The title of this post comes from my safari jacket that I got for Christmas (from my mom, who knows my style so well), and that I'm wearing in this post.  It's just too adorable, and it makes me feel so proper and put together! I feel like I should go to the zoo in this outfit or something.  My blouse even has animals on it - perfect!

These boots were the other pair I bought off ASOS during their sale.  I just love ankle boots, especially ones in neutral colors that can go with everything, and continue to be used for other seasons. They're super comfortable and perfect for walking around campus all day.

And finally, this is my baby.  I also received this satchel for Christmas, and I LOVE IT.  The color is divine, and it's just so chic even though it's holding all my school stuff.  Although I definitely found myself saying today "it's not a purse, it's a satchel" to a friend who thought it was a new purse.  Never knew I would be quoting that particular Hangover line in real life!


Outfit details: top - Lucky Brand; jacket - Anthropologie; jeans - Zara; boots - ASOS; scarf - Angie; sunglasses - Tory Burch; bag - The Leather Satchel Co.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Some pics from my break + a new outfit

I'm back! I know it's been awhile since updating, but I've been on vacation and getting myself ready for the school year to start.  For New Year's, my family went up north to go skiing.  It ended up snowing for an entire day, and we had to get plowed out! But it was gorgeous.  

Here I am in my goofy looking ski outfit.  I was really warm even though it was in the 10s outside!

And here's the outfit I wore today! It was my first day of class, but I only have one on Monday, and it's at 3 pm.  So, I got some errands done.  Tomorrow really starts my crazy schedule since I'm in class from 10:30 - 4:15 with one break for lunch. Eek!

I ordered these adorable boots from ASOS over break since they're having a MASSIVE sale.  I've never bought anything from there before (only had things I wish I could buy), and I'm very pleased with these boots so far! I just love ankle boots this year, and they're perfect for the Arizona winter.  Tall boots just make me too warm sometimes when it's only in the 60s outside.

It was a bit windy today, so this super cute headband kept my ears warm.  My nana actually gave this to me a year or two ago, and I was so happy to start wearing it again (finally cold enough!).

Of course I had to throw on a striped shirt, since I absolutely love everything striped (and now I've started a new obsession with polka dots).  This shirt was a gift from my brother, also from a year or two ago, and it's very comfy.  Good choice little brother!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Time to get back to work :)

Outfit details: jacket - Urban Outfitters; top - American Eagle; headband - San Diego Hat Company; jeans - Hudson; boots - ASOS

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Denim & Corduroy

Today concluded all the Christmas festivities for this year! My family gathered at my grandpa's house for another delicious (and giant) dinner and dessert.  It was great! Since it's been a bit chilly here for the holiday season, we started up a fire in the backyard to warm up.

I decided today was a good day to wear my corduroys since it was so chilly, as well as try to layer up a bit.

This denim shirt is a favorite, especially with the little polka dots! I really love the ease and versatility of button downs, and they can be dressed up or down quite simply. Paired with this cardigan and scarf, I was pretty warm on this winter day.

 This scarf was actually a find from a bazaar in Turkey from a few years ago.  It's a Pashmina that I found for pretty cheap.  So soft and warm!

The moccasins I'm wearing were found at Off 5th on sale.  I really fell in love with the color (and price!), as well as their comfort. Although I feel like my feet look REALLY pale for some reason...

We caught a shot of my brother being chased by my adorable 6 year old cousin.  Those two can be pretty rambunctious!

I hope everyone enjoyed all those delicious holiday meals, as well as all those gifts! :)


Outfit details: shirt - Levi's; cardigan - Esprit; scarf - from Turkey; cords - Anthropologie; shoes - Minnetonka; watch - Fossil; jewelry - vintage, Sundance

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve & Sparkles

For all those who celebrate Christmas - Merry Christmas! :) I spent the day with my family, eating boat loads of food for hours.  It was great!

I figured Christmas Eve dinner would be the perfect time to whip out this sequined sweater. Even though I was a little wary about jumping on the sequin sweater bandwagon, I really like this one! Plus, I found it on super sale at the Dillards outlet, along with some Joe's Jeans shorts for $2.99.  Yes, $2.99! Pretty amazing place if you don't mind digging around.

Here's my "little" brother (he's younger but no longer smaller than me).  He was looking stylish today so I had to drag him into a picture.  

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays! :)

Outfit details: sweater - Chelsea & Violet (via Dillards); skirt - Gap; tights - Urban Outfitters; shoes - Sam Edelman Boutique (via DSW); jacket - H&M

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Black lace

Hello! :) Here's an outfit post of what I wore today.  My mom invited me along to lunch with her friend today, and since they were meeting at Pita Jungle, I obviously said yes.  I LOVE Pita Jungle! We ended up shopping afterwards, and found some great dressy shirts for my dad and brother to wear for Christmas Eve with the family. The local Dillards outlet has tons of stuff for men for fantastic prices!

Today I'm wearing a super comfy outfit.  I love these leggings/pants! So soft and stretchy - perfect for holiday break.

This lace top has definitely become a favorite piece.  I don't often buy black, but I really loved the lace and small silk bow on the back (not pictured). 

If you haven't guessed, all my pictures have been taken around my parents' yard.  They live on over an acre, and there's plenty of plant life to take pictures in front of!

Tonight I'm off to a grad party for one of my best friends, also a civil engineer, who graduated on Thursday from ASU.  Congrats Isha!! :) 

Hope everyone's weekend is great, and that all your holiday shopping is done! If not, then good luck braving the stores.


Outfit details: top - Urban Outfitters; cardigan - Free People (via Nordstrom Rack); leggings/pants - Gap; shoes - Aldo; jewelry - vintage