Friday, January 18, 2013


Here's some pics of an outfit I wore a few days ago! They've been sitting on my camera all week, and I've finally been able to sit down and post them.

When I took these pictures, Phoenix was having a MAJOR cold spell.  It was barely in the 40s for the high, and the low was in the 20s! Yikes! All day was pretty chilly, especially in the morning.  It didn't get out of the 20s until mid morning. But it was definitely perfect winter weather!

So the cold weather was why I was so bundled up that day.  I whipped out one of my warmest sweaters, but I should have brought out my gloves - my fingers were freezing!

The reason this post is called "Hulk" is because of the colors of my sweater.  Get it? Purple and green? Don't judge my nerdiness! This is the girl who had an Avengers party after the movie who came out on DVD, so I love me some superheroes. Plus, the sweater is comfortable and extremely warm.  Perfect!

It was really nice to actually dress in winter clothes, but I think I'm over my desire to move somewhere much colder than here.  I think I'll settle for a temperate climate.  Maybe...San Diego? Or I'll just travel to colder places, and visit my relatives who live in colder spots!

Thanks to my awesome roommate for taking these pictures for me, even though she was freezing! :)

Outfit details: jacket - Urban Outfitters; sweater - Gap; jeans - Hudson; boots - Seychelles; scarf - Pashmina; (not shown) long sleeved shirt - Banana Republic


  1. i love the colors in the sweater!!!

  2. You look different with your hair pulled back and glasses! I didn't realize you were THIS Elizabeth! It was super nice meeting you! Thank you for stopping by last night :)

    1. Haha yes that's pretty common! I almost never wear my hair back, and I only need my glasses at night or in class. Thanks for having me! It was fun! :)

    2. It was fun! I hope to see you around campus sometime! :)