Monday, January 7, 2013

Some pics from my break + a new outfit

I'm back! I know it's been awhile since updating, but I've been on vacation and getting myself ready for the school year to start.  For New Year's, my family went up north to go skiing.  It ended up snowing for an entire day, and we had to get plowed out! But it was gorgeous.  

Here I am in my goofy looking ski outfit.  I was really warm even though it was in the 10s outside!

And here's the outfit I wore today! It was my first day of class, but I only have one on Monday, and it's at 3 pm.  So, I got some errands done.  Tomorrow really starts my crazy schedule since I'm in class from 10:30 - 4:15 with one break for lunch. Eek!

I ordered these adorable boots from ASOS over break since they're having a MASSIVE sale.  I've never bought anything from there before (only had things I wish I could buy), and I'm very pleased with these boots so far! I just love ankle boots this year, and they're perfect for the Arizona winter.  Tall boots just make me too warm sometimes when it's only in the 60s outside.

It was a bit windy today, so this super cute headband kept my ears warm.  My nana actually gave this to me a year or two ago, and I was so happy to start wearing it again (finally cold enough!).

Of course I had to throw on a striped shirt, since I absolutely love everything striped (and now I've started a new obsession with polka dots).  This shirt was a gift from my brother, also from a year or two ago, and it's very comfy.  Good choice little brother!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Time to get back to work :)

Outfit details: jacket - Urban Outfitters; top - American Eagle; headband - San Diego Hat Company; jeans - Hudson; boots - ASOS


  1. Love your outfit! I haven't been in snow this winter yet, but I'm heading on a ski trip next month! So excited :)


    1. Thanks! :) ooh that sounds so fun!! xo